• The Health Retreat A health detox retreat in the South West of France

  • Recipe for Life Live a Healthy Life - Always & Forever

  • Recipe for Health An informed healthy lifestyle

Wellbeing & Lifestyle is a London based consultancy run by Yvonne Wake that incorporates three main programmes for anyone wishing to change their lifestyle.
Wellbeing & Lifestyle also run a very popular and successful Health Detox Retreat in the Lot Valley in the South West of France.

The B

The B is a 6 week Wellbeing & Lifestyle programme that initially encourages you to lose weight, as well as teaching you how to successfully maintain your new weight. It motivates you to exercise and gives you the tools to remain in control of your life always!

Recipe For Life

This programme is not just about losing weight, it is designed to show you how to live a healthy life - always and forever. You will be motivated to make long term lifestyle changes relating to food intake and energy output which in turn gives you a more balanced life.

Recipe for Health

Have you been unwell of late? Or suffering from a chronic condition and left wondering how to help the healing process with the right dietary intake and the right amount of exercise? This programme is customised to suit all ages and stages of ill health.


We run a successful and popular Health Detox Retreat in the Lot Valley in the South West of France. THE RETREAT takes a holistic yet energetic approach which is designed to totally relax, heal & teach and help you to grow in both mind and spirit.

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Yvonne Wake BSc. MSc. RPHNutr

Yvonne is a registered public health nutritionist, fitness expert, life coach, university lecturer and a Wellbeing and Lifestyle consultant with over 30 years of experience.



I first started working with Yvonne Wake in 2013 with a view to losing weight and to get in shape. Having known Yvonne personally for years now, I was a little unsure of what to expect when embarking on a client/nutritionist relationship. Would she be strict? Would she be judgemental? Pushy even? Any fears I may have had were assuaged as soon as I stepped into our first session and was welcomed with a warm hug and a cup of peppermint tea. As we began to shape the goals I wanted to achieve in our coming sessions, Yvonne listened with the kind of ear that assured you that you had support, guidance and friendship. That isn’t to say that Yvonne will tell you what you want to hear, but that is one of the best things about working with her. She manages to give no-nonsense support and reinforcement throughout a process that, for many people, is hard work and dedication. Her boundless energy, warm sense of humour and seemingly endless expertise makes her an ideal ally to kick start a new, healthy way of life.

Ciara Haidar

After trying every fad diet going and with each failed attempt I ended up being heavier than when I started I decided to give The B a try. Yvonne supported and encouraged me through my journey on The B and her words of encouragement really made me determined to stick to the plan and exercise regime. Yvonne is not only very knowledgable with years of experience but her bubbly, caring nature made it very pleasurable to attend weekly consultations with her and stick with the plan. She re-educated me about food which made me really evaluate the poor food choices I had been making and it helped me understand why I had been putting weight on. Each week I lost weight and I found the group walks and discussions I had with Yvonne and other ‘B’ members helped me stay on track. One of the main reasons I went to Yvonne for help was I wanted to get healthy before I tried for a baby. I lost 1 stone 10lbs and I fell pregnant straight away after losing the weight. Yvonne is the most motivating lady I have ever met! her approachable, bubbly and caring nature makes her a unique teacher! Why does The B work? It works because it makes sense! If you are looking to get healthy and lose some weight then I would highly recommend you get in touch with Yvonne Wake. I cannot thank Yvonne enough!

Victoria Burns

It was a few weeks before Xmas 2012 and a colleague was suddenly brimming with energy and looking unbelievably healthy. I was tired, overweight and struggling to fit everything in. He referred me to Yvonne. My job involved working between London and Aberdeen – food on trains and planes, no time to shop for either house and a boyfriend that treated any time at home as a cause for celebratory dinner and drinks! My diet was out of control. Yvonne gave me control back with ‘The B’. Her sympathetic approach to my situation and her pragmatic, easy-to-follow advice has had an amazing effect. I lost 9lbs in 2 weeks and got my energy (and wardrobe) back. Since then, we have been working on fixing longer term issues so that I can continue to cope with the daily demands. As well as the evening and weekend ones. A warm and friendly person who doesn’t judge, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Louise Witter

I am a mother of three and one of my kids is an extremely fussy eater. I have seen many people about this issue which caused many concerns in my life. One day I met Yvonne at my son’s school where she came to give a talk about healthy diet and so on. I loved Yvonne straight away. She communicated with the large audience with so much passion and charm. I emailed her that same night and soon she came around our house to meet our son. We all clicked with her immediately. She is just great: friendly, happy, charming, charismatic and very professional at the same time. I felt like I was having professional help from a close friend. What a great combination! I could carry on, but if I had to describe Yvonne in a nutshell I would say she is a truly special person and a delightful to have around.


Hi Yvonne Sorry I did not have the chance to say goodbye properly. I ended up getting to know Agen quite well as my train was delayed:). But I got to my parents ok and they were so happy to see me! Thanks again for a wonderful retreat, I am grateful that I got the chance to experience this. I admire your drive to constantly make the retreat a better place and trying to make this experience a haven of relaxation for everyone (not an easy task). Looking forward to your recipe book and to try to recreate a bit of retreat at home :) Hugs

Ilse (June 2016)

Hello Yvonne, I am back home in the mountains but simply had to write to say what a wonderful, magical, life-changing time I had at the retreat. I have already had one friend asking me for information about it. I have already been in touch with Jo and Chloe, Susan and the girls….still on a high….. such a fab place. You should be so proud of it. I lost a phone charger in the main house if one turns up….no drama. Sending you a whole lot of more love, if that’s possible, and I cannot tell you how good it was to spend quality time with such an inspirational bunch of ladies. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sue A (Switzerland)

Hello Yvonne – The Guru I know you will be already enjoying your next batch of clientele and I really hope you are not too shattered. You have phenomenal energy but do rest up when it’s all over. Thank you so much for a glorious week. It was informative, challenging, fun, rewarding and good for me; THANKYOU!!!!!!!! I am up for returning next year if you’ll have me!

Viv R

Hi Yvonne Thank you so much for welcoming me on the retreat. I really loved the place, the views, the flavoursome food, the classes, the walks, and the people. You have established a bespoke retreat which I found totally different from any that I have been to before. Your attention to detail on our needs was very special and I know how hard you must have worked to be able to think about what everyone needs. Thank you for rushing out to the pharmacy for example, this is real old school and I appreciated you doing that for me. I wish the weather had been better as I didn’t get a chance to jump into that pool which looked so inviting, but next year, god willing, I will try again. You really have got a great place and I will tell everyone I know about you. Thank you for lending me your socks by the way, I have washed them and will give them to you next time we meet. Sorry, I totally forgot!

Marie V (London)