Wellness Workshop

Yvonne Will Come & Talk To You

Yvonne Wake

Yvonne is a positive and energetic motivational speaker and has seen success from her Wellbeing and Lifestyle talks to people of all ages.

Yvonne lectures on healthy eating and basic nutrition in nursery and primary schools to the children, the parents and the teaching staff. The corporate world has benefited from Yvonne’s extensive knowledge and she regularly gives talks to employees on how to remain healthy in the workplace, as well as in their individual lives.

Yvonne also offers ‘tailor made’ talks for small groups on healthy eating for certain conditions to include: obesity, weight loss, high cholesterol, chronic conditions like Diabetes Type 2. Yvonne can give a basic and easy to understand talk on how to be healthy throughout your life, which foods to include or take away from your regular intake.

Yvonne encourages discussion within the group and will also give practical tips and recipes to support the subject. A group of friends could include a talk on nutrition and fitness as part of a Wellness day for example. Audiences usually leave the talk full of inspiration. These talks enable and empower people to become healthy and to put this into practice almost immediately. Yvonne believes in preventative measures and this is emphasised during the talk.

Talks can be customised and arranged for evenings as well as weekends – to find out more on how this could work for you, please email Yvonne at wellbeingandlifestylenut@gmail.com


Yvonne started to give nutritional talks in the 1980′s during her years as a fitness instructor where the two subjects went hand in hand. Back then nutritional knowledge was very limited and the educational courses that exist today just were not available. As a result Yvonne became an avid reader on the subject and commenced her nutritional research long before she became qualified in this area. Talking to small audiences became a regular occurrence within both her health club settings and really brought nutrition and exercise into its own as a total concept. Lifestyle and Wellbeing feels like a modern ideology, but Yvonne has been promoting these concepts for over 40 years.

The Idea Behind It

A group talk on Wellbeing and Lifestyle to include Nutrition and Fitness is increasing in popularity. Especially in a corporate setting where sick days are on the increase and it is becoming more and more complex to understand how to remedy this problem. Talking to an audience and giving them the opportunity to ask questions is a valuable staff incentive in any business environment - be it within an educational setting like a school, or within the world of banking in the city. Most people who have not studied this subject know very little about the truth behind a healthy lifestyle. Yvonne has a lot of experience in this area and testimonials are available upon request.

How It Works

A Wellbeing and Lifestyle talk will normally contain the importance of good nutrition and what that constitutes, as well as the importance of increased physical output. The talk includes teaching the audience how to stop and relax and take better care of themselves as it relates to taking control of their lives. The talk normally lasts for up to two hours and the audience will listen to a discussion (with slides) on a pre-arranged subject relating to health and fitness and often medical conditions like heart disease. Yvonne engages very well with her audiences with excellent interaction throughout. Yvonne has seen some success in the corporate world as it relates to encouraging employees to improve their lifestyle and prevent sick days away from work. The audience will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions at the end of the talk.