The Retreat

Yvonne runs successful Health Retreats in the Lot Valley in the South West of France. It is available for a full one week period or indeed for two weeks. You can find information on our Health Retreat in 2018/19 below.

The Lifestyle Programme

THE RETREAT is held in the most tranquil surroundings in France. The property comprises a fabulous pool with a view that we only dream of and the daily walks taken in the region are truly breath-taking. The pool is open for use at all times and is a very tranquil place to relax in the lazy afternoons.

THE RETREAT takes a holistic yet energetic approach which is designed to totally relax, heal, teach, and most of all leave one realising that life is really not all about rushing here there and everywhere! The time spent at THE RETREAT encourages everyone to just stop and yet grow in mind and spirit with lots of self-nurturing and renewal of ones thought processes.

Each day starts with a body conditioning/cardio/Pilates/Yoga class and ends with a beautiful countryside walk before the last nutritional intake of the day. The fitness output increases each day as energy levels rise and nutritional intake increases.

As a wellbeing and lifestyle/health consultant and nutritionist with 40 years standing I have run many retreats all over the world. The retreats are designed for all types of people and will provide the tools to continue what has been learnt once returning to those busy lives.

Here's A Little of What To Expect

Full body aromatherapy massage, sports massage and beauty treatments are available throughout the week. The cost of one hour treatments are £40 and this is payable to the therapist in UK pounds or Euros. Freshly made vegetable and fruit juices (daily), locally grown and seasonal organic food and wonderful healthy recipes to take away with you, meditation, liver cleansing, long sleeps, weight loss, lots of laughter, meeting interesting inspirational people, toned bodies, energising workouts, Yoga, meditation, long and short guided walks (the fitness level of each person varies and this is taken into consideration), lots of silent time during the day giving you moments of contemplation, and a calmness that only comes with time away from our busy lives. In the evening we get together for healthy discussions, films, relaxing herb teas in the hub where all the retreaters relax after dinner. and a calmness that only comes with time away from our busy lives.

Horse riding is available locally at a very reasonable price and retreaters have an opportunity to visit a local medieval town (included in the fee), or take a river trip and picnic lunch (included in the fee).

The wonderfully natural surroundings that nurture us, and remind us that we can take better care of ourselves are ever present and our team of therapists are always very positive, highly qualified, nurturing, supportive, and their role is to make sure that the guest are supported at all times.

Retreaters arrive on the Sunday in the morning/mid-afternoon having been picked up by our trusty bus 'Elsie'. After arriving in the house and settling in, there is a debriefing session on how the week will proceed with a discussion on liver cleansing, exercise classes, massages, therapies, and everything you need to know about living together in the beautiful 13th Century property. Guests will complete a health profile before arriving and that will be discussed on a one-to-one basis during the week if there are any obvious health challenges. Guests can be weighed in and out on arrival and leaving if they would like. Blood pressure is taken.

The lifestyle programme on THE RETREAT is set and guests receive a copy of this on the first day, but it can be customised for each person depending on special needs as it relates to health conditions. Some retreaters come to France to just ‘get away and stop’, and some see this type of retreat as a place to learn about healthy eating, sleep loads, exercise loads, go on long walks, get back in touch with nature and themselves and be in a much fitter state when they leave. We can accommodate all needs. THE RETREAT is all about the individual and what their needs are. Mindfulness is part of our daily ethos.

Due to the remoteness of where THE RETREAT is held Wi-Fi is limited, although this is discouraged to ensure complete peace, please do so in private. Mobile phone usage is discouraged and we would be grateful if you could reserve this for emergencies only and in your rooms.

The Dates

Sun 26th May - Sat 1st June 2019 Sun 2nd June - Sat 8th June 2019
Sun 9th June - Sat 15th June 2019 Sun 16th June - Sat 22nd June 2019

The Cost


For one week, own double room (double bed) share bathroom/WC with one other - Gite 2


For one week, own double room (double bed) own bathroom - Gite 2


For one week, own double room (double bed) in the main house, share bathroom/WC with one other.


For one week, own double room (double bed) in the main house. Own bathroom, separate toilet, very private room with large dressing room and bathroom. (This room would also suit two people sharing - the total price for that would be £1,900).
This price does not include flights, and a £30 surcharge is payable for transport from the French airport to the retreat. This is payable at the retreat in sterling. No other costs will apply.

Best airport: BERGERAC (guests are met at the airport and returned there at the end of the stay). There is no other option for airport pickup, so please be aware that we only pick up and drop off at Bergerac. There is a train station in Agen, and we pick up from there too.

Address: Le Relais de Roquefereau, 47140 Penne D’Agenais, France.

Website: Le Relais De Roquefereau


The accommodation at THE RETREAT are all good sized double rooms with double beds. There is one medium sized house on the property that sleeps three (in three separate rooms), with two bathrooms. In the main house there are five double bedrooms (all with bathrooms shared by two) and one large double room with its own bathroom and separate toilet is self contained and very private. The prices and details are seen above for all rooms. Photographs are available on request. The rooms are beautifully decorated in a very distinctive French style and are comfortable and private in every respect. There are only spaces for 8 - 10 retreaters to attend each week. The property comprises a fabulous pool with a breath-taking view that we only dream of. The main sitting/eating/film watching space inside the main house is very calm and it is easy to be in silence without disturbance.

Holistic Approach

THE RETREAT is held in the most tranquil surroundings in France and takes a holistic yet energetic approach designed to totally relax you, heal you, teach you, and most of all leave you realising that life is really not all about rushing here there and everywhere! Your time at THE RETREAT will help you to just stop and let go. Your mind and body will be nurtured and renewed. You will notice the change within a few days and at the end of your visit you will feel completely at one with your new found energy. THE RETREAT will give you the tools to continue what you have experienced when you return to your busy lives and teach you many things that are easy to incorporate into your usual lifestyle. Depending on time and weather we can organise excursions each week to visit local old villages in the surrounding area if anyone would like to do that. We walk to Penne on the final day of THE RETREAT as a challenging finale to the week. Our team of Nutritionists, chefs, dance teachers, exercise/ Yoga teachers and massage/ beauty therapists all come out from the UK for the duration. They are well qualified and come with years of experience.

Exercise & Diet

There are two classes a day, before breakfast and after lunch. They are held in The Grange, and are taught by fun, music loving, qualified teachers of many years standing. They are a mixture of dance, body conditioning/ stretch, aerobics, and Yoga. You are encouraged to attend both if you like a challenge! The day ends with a beautiful countryside walk before the last nutritional intake of the day. There are also short and long guided walks for those of you who are up for the hill top walks. We have an ex-army captain on our team who knows the area really well and loves to put you through your paces if you are up for the challenge. Your fitness output increases each day as your energy levels rise and your nutritional intake increases. There is no obligation to exercise if you have special reasons not to do. This will be discussed on your first day in France. Dietary intake is mainly plant based with a small amount of dairy and eggs. Each day freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices are served along with interesting delicious salads and soups. Dietary requirements are discussed on an individual basis as not everyone wants to lose weight.


After 3 amazing weeks, it’s time to go home. Feeling grateful for all the people I've met, for the special team I was working with and for being at this magical place every day. We had loads of fun, laughs, sweats, yoga, walks, delicious food and lots of love. Thank you all for everything, hope to see you soon!

Chef Virginia Chaves

The health retreat organised by Yvonne was the most marvelous thing I have ever been a part of. Something changed inside of me after spending a week there. My body, my mind and my soul feel different. The food was amazing, the house and the view were heavenly and the whole team was extremely supportive. The people I have met there are truly inspiring and I now consider all of them my friends. The whole experience was amazing, inspiring and life changing. P.S. The lovely ladies even taught me how to swim and I did my first dive!!! That is how safe they all made me feel. Thank you, Yvonne, for creating such a blessed place for souls to heal.

Vera Popa

I have said it before, but I shall say it again; the benefits of attending the Retreat are numerous, in that it gives you that special place, with very special people who make it possible to unwind & recharge. But more importantly, the benefits of the Retreat are the people who I am lucky to meet there and spend time with. Their strengths inspire me, ground me, & help me to go forward to accept new challenges.

Patsy Toland

Just to say thank you so much for an amazing week. I feel so happy to be home but so grateful to you for creating such a magical space for rejuvenation. You are the best! I hope you've had some rest? Doubt it, but please do try to get some sleep and a massage or two this week. You deserve it! Well done. Liv 💕


It's been a fabulous week, met some lovely new people and spent some time with some old friends laughing and having fun... a wonderful week with my daughter, and although the sugar comedown was a challenge we have enjoyed the fitness the boxing the facials and the amazing daily massage with the superb Dan Bentley. I can see why the bath Rugby team love him so much he has been my therapist of choice for the last 7 years. I am also honoured that Yvonne Wake has been my friend for more than 20 years and when I was seriously ill she helped me turnaround my health and become medication free. This is my second time at the retreat and it is amazing. There is love and kindness here in abundance. you will arrive feeling tired irritated and perhaps stressed but you will dig deep and find the best possible YOU. You then leave feeling revived and ready to face the world! Served the most delicious food every day, reminds you how to care for yourself with honest nutrition, sound advice, and top tips to living well... if you need space and to feel energised in a nurturing environment this is the place for you - set in a beautiful Relais it really is very special ♥️♥️

Tracey Woodward

Hello Yvonne! I just wanted to drop you a message to thank you ever so much for my amazing experience at the retreat which I thoroughly enjoyed and honestly did not think I would miss as much as I do!! Having my eyes opened to the healthy food choices, incredible massages, personal training sessions, smaller portion sizes and amazing scenery has been absolutely incredible and I can't wait to move forward with these lifestyle choices in the future. I must also take the time to thank you for having faith in me and taking your time to provide me with your support on the journey I am beginning to set foot on and I really hope I can do you proud. With all my love, hugs and kisses. – A X

Miss A (16 years old)