Recipe for Life

This programme is not just about losing weight, it is designed to show you how to live a healthy life - always and forever. You will be motivated to make long term lifestyle changes relating to food intake and energy output which in turn gives you a more balanced life.


A Recipe for Life is the successful Wellbeing and Lifestyle programme which helps to create a more informed healthy lifestyle. This is an on-going lifestyle programme designed to suit children, whole families, and anyone wishing to live a healthy energetic lifestyle that prevents ill health.

The Idea Behind It

Not everyone knows how to live a healthy life. It’s not obvious to everyone that fresh food is preferable to processed food for example. The idea behind A Recipe for Life is based on education and bringing a much better awareness to a person wanting to feel secure that they are doing everything they can to prevent ill health.

How it Works

Clients sign up to A Recipe for Life with their personal profile, i.e. original weight, medical issues, style of eating and exercising at present, using a 7 day diary which the client produces. This is analysed and discussed. This follows with a customised wellbeing and lifestyle programme to embark upon. Fees starting @ £150 a week.