Recipe for Health

Have you been unwell of late? Or suffering from a chronic condition and left wondering how to help the healing process with the right dietary intake and the right amount of exercise? This programme is customised to suit all ages and stages of ill health to help you do just that.


A Recipe for Health is the successful New Lifestyle plan which helps clients to create a more informed healthy lifestyle following an unhealthy history. For example if there is a risk of Heart Disease in the family, or if the person has just got over a life threatening condition like Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes Type 2 etc., and needs to make big changes to their current lifestyle to avoid further complications.

The Idea Behind It

It is especially important to stay healthy following illness. Some people are blighted by continuous colds, lack of energy, unhealthy skin; digestive problems like IBS, Candida. Worse than this they may have experienced cancer, heart disease or diabetes type 2, all of which are mostly preventable by changing one’s lifestyle. A Recipe for Health completely changes a person’s daily life behaviour by turning it on its head to avoid further ill health.

How it Works

Clients sign up to A Recipe for Health with their personal profile, i.e. medical issues and current lifestyle. We use a 7 day lifestyle diary which the client produces. This is analysed and discussed. This follows with a customised wellbeing and lifestyle programme to embark upon with emphasis on prevention of any conditions previously suffered by the client. Fees starting @ £150 a week.