The B

The B is a 6 week Wellbeing & Lifestyle programme that initially encourages you to lose weight, as well as teaching you how to successfully maintain your new weight. It motivates you to exercise and gives you the tools to remain in control of your life always!


The successful weight loss and lifestyle change programme was created by Yvonne Wake and has helped clients of all ages to achieve their weight loss and increased health goals for over 30 years.

The Idea Behind It

A lifestyle programme that creates balance based on intelligent eating and an introduction to physical exercise. It goes back to basics on cooking styles, buying & eating fresh food, as well as being realistic about what can be achieved in a busy life. The behaviour change that occurs at the end of a 6 week period is astounding.

How it Works

Clients sign up to The B with a thorough personal profile, i.e. original weight, medical issues, style of eating at present etc., after which a personalised diet and exercise plan – that fits in with their own life pattern – is devised to incorporate all the necessary healthy changes that need to occur over the following six weeks. Fee’s start at £150 a week.