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I was recently asked for ‘down to earth’ answers and advice on ten hugely important issues which can effect us and our daily lives… Read what I had to say below. For advice of a nutritional nature please get in touch with me here, and join our Facebook community here.

Sign 1: Constant flatulence – This is an interesting one as it could relate to quite a few things. For example, wind/air going in through the mouth, so through smoking, not chewing your food slowly and gulping it down, chewing gum too could be a cause. This all puts air into the digestive tract. Often if there is on-going Digestive impairment (IBS), this could be a reason and a really simple reason could be eating lots of beans/lentils/barley/flagellate beans etc., as these carbs can’t always be digested and absorbed by the intestines and they pass into the colon to be broken down by bacteria which produces gas which then becomes flatulence.

Sign 2: Mood swings – Again this relates to so many things. Depression, Stress, medication withdrawal when someone is trying to come off meds, Bi-Polar sufferers have mood swings. But it could also be related to self-esteem issues like being overweight and feeling unattractive, this is often the case if someone is overweight. Eating a wholefood diet that is high in fruit and vegetables definitely helps to keep a person calm and relaxed, so it’s easier to stay more balanced. Daily exercise such as Yoga balances out mood swings too, and of course running or cycling are good mood levelers.

Sign 3. Bad breath – Lots of reasons for this. Bad teeth is the obvious one, dirty mouth when we don’t wash our teeth regularly, and also tongue scrubbing is important to avoid bad breath. Smoking is a common reason. The deeper problem is a clogged up Liver, so through eating the wrong type of fatty foods that create fatty liver syndrome. So many people have impaired livers. Constipation eventually leads to bad breath as the excrement backs up inside your colon. The big one though is being on extreme diets where you are eating very few calories or are eating a low-carb diet achat viagra en ligne. The body produces ketones which are chemicals released in the breath as the body burns fat. The Atkins diet is known to give you bad breath because of the Ketones that are produced in the stomach after so much Protein consumption. Basically because Carbs are not available, the dieter starts to use other fats and proteins as a source of energy – this is what causes the bad breath. A proper balanced diet (and going to the toilet every day) and care over your mouth health would go a long way to preventing bad breath.

Sign 4. Poor memory – Studies have shown that poor memory and a risk of dementia could be attributed to low levels of high-density lipo-proteins (HDL) in the blood. This is the GOOD cholesterol. So foods such as oily fish and oats can increase memory. But again, if we look at diet overall, brain cells can be better looked after. Brain cells can grow throughout our lives – it’s a myth to think that the brain stops growing. So healthy fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids are needed. The best source is in fish such as Salmon and Tuna, as well as flaxseed oil, and eggs. Antioxidants are also relevant here. Vitamin C Also, one cup of Green tea a day would help! It’s a daily thing though, not just when you remember (excuse the pun!). But the most important vitamin for memory is B12, and B6. These are now added to food as a fortification because of the various studies showing that elderly people are succumbing to dementia.

Sign 5. Stalled weight loss despite exercising and eating clean – I think this means ‘Plateauing’. This often happens when someone is eating too few calories for their height and weight. Famine or Feast we call it in the profession. Most people go on endless diets and their body reacts by shutting down when they are not being fed the correct amount for the size of their bodies. ALL diets should be looked at carefully to make sure that the body’s needs are being met. Exercise should be a daily occurrence anyway as we live in a sedentary world and we need better balance.

Sign 6. You’re always cold – Interesting one again as I don’t think it’s only about body weight, but my instinct would be to say when someone is underweight they would feel the cold more than someone who is overweight and probably overheating. We need body fat to insulate us and when there is none it’s difficult to stay warm. Exercise regulates body temperature if taken regularly.

Sign 7. Constant food cravings – I personally think a lot of this is in the mind! Pregnant women are mainly the cravers of certain foods and I definitely think it is a ‘thing’ for them, but craving chocolate is common among those addicted to chocolate. Craving and addiction are two separate issues. Craving just sounds better than Addicted. I think also that people who eat too much food rather like to say ‘I can’t help it, I had a craving’

Sign 8. You rely on food out of a packet/processed food – This is a massive problem for a large percentage of the population worldwide and especially in the UK and the USA. Processed or packaged food is all some people know as that is the way they have been raised in the modern world. I know some people who have NEVER eaten fresh fruit and vegetables. They rely on it as it’s quick, easy, and cheap. Sadly that is why it became so popular. As the population increased (worldwide) in the 20th Century, post WW1 and WW2 there was not enough food to feed everyone and the industrial revolution changed everything. It’s a sad dilemma which I wish I knew how to stop. We would all be a lot healthier if we did not have processed food in our lives.

Sign 9. You don’t have the energy to exercise – Energy comes from Carbohydrates. Carbs create Glucose, Glucose creates Glycogen, and Glycogen is our energy source. Low-Carb diets are all the rage and until people eat a correct balanced diet to include the right carbs (Fruit, Veg, Oats, Lentils, Barley, Wholefoods), their energy levels will be low. Plus never forget that some people don’t like to exercise for various reasons and often the excuse is ‘I’m too tired’. Exercise is not everyone’s fancy and unless you are really good at exercise it does take some to get you into those Lycra shorts! Energy balance is crucial if you are to be healthy and not want to live a sedentary life. Eating the correct diet is imperative for energy output.

Sign 10. You’ve lost your libido There are lots of reasons for this. This is often linked to stress and depression which will come from a higher place than just being a little down at heel. Contraception (or the lack of it) can be a turn off for lots of couples. Trying for a baby makes it a chore as opposed to a pleasure. Also, pregnancy, childbirth or even breastfeeding in women will contribute to lost libido. One thing that also happens is that you fall out of lust with your partner. This is a common occurrence which a lot of people are in denial about and don’t want to talk about either. Another obvious reason is taking recreational drugs, smoking dope, drinking too much alcohol, smoking and drinking are the enemy if you want to feel sexy. When women are inebriated they are more likely to have sex more easily, but alcohol affects men differently, and they quite often can’t perform. I really don’t think medication is the answer though, and talking therapy would be a good starting point to improving this situation. Lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, getting clean if you drink and smoke are all good starting points. Plus, be with the right partner to start with…