Wellbeing and Lifestyle Programmes

The B

The B is a 6 week Wellbeing & Lifestyle programme that initially encourages you to lose weight, as well as teaching you how to successfully maintain your new weight. It motivates you to exercise and gives you the tools to remain in control of your life always!

Recipe for Life

This programme is not just about losing weight, it is designed to show you how to live a healthy life - always and forever. You will be motivated to make long term lifestyle changes relating to food intake and energy output which in turn gives you a more balanced life.

Recipe for Health

Have you been unwell of late? Or suffering from a chronic condition and left wondering how to help the healing process with the right dietary intake and the right amount of exercise? This programme is customised to suit all ages and stages of ill health.


We run a successful and popular Health Detox Retreat in the Lot Valley in the South West of France. THE RETREAT takes a holistic yet energetic approach which is designed to totally relax, heal & teach and help you to grow in both mind and spirit.