THE RETREAT Recipe – Part 2

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Recipe Part 2: The Perfect Tortilla, light, delicious and quick to make! Ingredients: Potatoes, Onions, Olive Oil, 2 Eggs (per person)

Peel and cut the potatoes and onions into cubes, and sauté in a pan with Coconut oil – ensure they are not burning but browning. When ready, remove from the pan and set aside. Next, whip 2 eggs in a bowl (2 per person) & add to a slim wok or large frying pan. Once the pan is covered with the Egg, add the cooked potatoes and onion mix. Smooth the top of the contents with a wooden spoon, keep on a low heat and keep an eye on the mixture. Wait for the top to solidify but check for a wobble, turn over the omelette using a large plate. Then place the Omelette back into the pan over a tiny flame. Turn pan off and serve when you are ready.