Christmas & New Year Indulgence Tip 6 & 7 Hangover

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TIP 6: Curing the hangover! You’ve gone and done it again, enjoying the atmosphere, feeling the moment, and just thrown caution to the wind!

  • First rule, never drink on an empty stomach – eat some protein before the festive night starts. If you cant eat a full meal, eat a protein snack such as peanut butter, banana or avocado on wholemeal toast.
  • Second rule,  Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!! Make sure you drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink.
  • Third rule, don’t drink to excess if you have not got time to sleep it off. So a big night out requires 8 hours of sleep. The more sleep, the better.
  • Final note of advice: Try some alcohol free beer when you get a moment, its tasty, plus it does actually look and feel the same. Try alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Its a totally different approach, but if you know yourself and know how a hangover affects you, only you can help you.

TIP 7: Learning to say ‘NO’ –  ‘how can I plan for the onslaught of too much food and drink over the Christmas period, its so hard to say no!’  Some common sense then, listen to your body and make sure that you prepare for the things you cant say ‘NO’ to.  Only you can make the decision and its just as easy to say ‘I’m gonna skip this one,  but would love to catch up after Christmas, and have some quality time with you then’. That actually goes a long way with lots of people.  But on a practical level: start before the festive season begins. Exercise and start to reduce portion size. Just eat enough to satisfy you and like that you wont feel like piling your plate up at all those Christmas meal times.