Christmas & New Year indulgence – Tip 3, 4 & 5

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TIP 3:  At this time we feel ready to stop, rest up, relax, watch loads of TV, stay on the sofa for longer, eat and drink loads and feel like we deserve that time off. Well, yes, we do, it is after all part of the Christmas & New Year indulgence, family time, but it does not mean that we should stop exercising.  So, here’s my tip. Walk every day over the festive period, walk for an hour a day with family members , but at all costs, we must try and exercise.


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TIP 4:  Cooking style. Roast Turkey is usually the norm, but have you tried turning the bird on its breast and letting the free flow Turkey juice keep itself moist? It’s better than basting with extra oils of course and way tastier!   For healthier vegetables with our Christmas lunch, try steaming them first and then spicing them up a little with roasted pine nuts, or a little sesame oil, or some parsley and garlic. Boiling your veg is not great and its time to think about getting the most out of your food as it relates to nutrient content. Roast your potatoes of course, but do not add anywhere near as much fat/oil as your grandmas taught you! A little drizzle really is enough.

TIP 5:  There are certain delicacies that only come out at Christmas time. Yeah, you know the ones! Chocolate Logs, Mince Pies, Turkey stuffing, Roasted potatoes (more than usual), Christmas pudding, sweets and chocolates are left out on the table, along with boxes of toffees, to name but a few. We can ignore these delicacies by just walking on by, or we can indulge in the odd one over the festive period, but what doesn’t bode well is eating everything in sight just because ‘its Christmas’.