CHRISTMAS & New Year indulgence. TIP 1& 2

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Christmas & New Year indulgence. Are you fed up with always saying ‘I need to go on a diet in the new year’, I’m going to get Christmas and New Year over and then I start on January 2nd’. Its the same old story really, and must be driving you nuts year on year!  Well, you are not alone! Its the question on everyone’s lips around this time, so lets try and do something about it this year.  See my 7 tips keeping you on top of things during the festivities.

TIP 1:   Be sure to have a big healthy breakfast, that way you can stay satisfied longer whilst cooking your Christmas lunch. Healthy means a good wholesome muesli with almond milk, with fruit (berries), a large scoop of natural yogurt, a slice of wholemeal toast with lightly spread butter, and a nice cuppa. Or a couple of poached eggs on a bed of spinach and avocado. Also, think low GI which could be a bowl of porridge, or a fibrous smoothie containing oats, fruit and bees pollen, and yogurt. Big up your breakfast and stay satisfied until lunch time.

TIP 2:  Be Mindful, not mindless of what you’re eating. By that I mean don’t just pile up your plate with what you have known all your life as ‘traditional’ Christmas lunch, look to change that and eat what you really love. Life is a movable feast if you will excuse the pun!   Look at your portion size too, you can always go back for seconds. Gravy or not gravy? that’s often where the hidden calories are viagra et ordonnance. A suggestion is to spice up your veg with roasted nuts, parsley and garlic, a drizzle of olive oil. Don’t deprive yourself though – just take control in a nice mindful manner.

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